Construction Progress – #TransformationTuesday

For all construction photos from this year’s project at Hotel Dieu Shaver, please visit our Facebook page album: #TransformationTuesday

#TransformationTuesday -Mar. 7, 2017 Update

After a well rested reading week, the students will continue the project as they have hit the half way mark in the project. The students have installed the door framing and the accesibility door to separate the Marketplace and the Carpentry space. They have filled in all the holes in the floor and finished all the drywalling.

April 12th is around the corner!

#TransformationTuesday -Feb. 14, 2017 Update

Progress is coming along thanks to the students. They have completed all the insulation for the Marketplace and the Carpentry area. Drywall is 95 per cent done. Thanks to Canadian Tire Bank for providing the students with donuts and hot chocolate.

#TransformationTuesday -Feb. 7, 2017 Update

The students have all the walls framed and have put up 60 per cent of drywall.

#TransformationTuesday -Jan. 31, 2017 Update

The Construction Renovation Technician students have framed 95 per cent of the space. Thanks to Grossi Tile for providing the framing material. 

Next up, the students will be starting to drywall.

#TransfomationTuesday -Jan. 24, 2017 Update

The construction of the Marketplace at Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre is already underway! The Construction Renovation Technician students are hard at work framing the room with steel studs. Be sure to keep an eye out for our #TransformationTuesday posts, which will keep you updated on this year’s Many Hands Project!