18th annual Many Hands Project: carnival celebration wrapping up the year!

The Many Hands Project wrapped up its 18th annual year today, with an exciting ceremony and a carnival themed Reveal Day – with fun games, great entertainment, and great food. We want to thank all of our sponsors, dignitaries (including the Welland Mayor), and community members for attending today and supporting our project! We would also like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, and fellow Event Management students for attending and sharing the excitement.

The changes to the facility of this year’s recipient (Strive Niagara) have been significant and this was evident today. Some of our lovely volunteers provided tours to our guests, that outlined all of the renovations and enhancements to each room. These include:

Front Entrance

  • Old office space has been converted to a new reception office space with a new reception desk & counter
  • Previous reception desk has been removed and a private waiting area has been created
  • New ceiling tiles and flooring have been placed as well as everything painted – the bricks have been painted to create more of an open feeling

Gym Area

  • Storage room has been built to hold extra toys
  • Stroller storage area with private office entrance has been built between storage room and play area
  • Flooring has been fixed to remove drains and new flooring has been placed
  • Some light fixtures have been replaced due to pool corrosion
  • All walls have been either built from scratch or scraped down and repainted

Doors have been placed leading from:

  • The main hallway into stroller hallway & office space
  • Stroller hallway to back stair access
  • Stroller hallway to storage area
  • Stroller hallway to play area
  • Indoor play area to outdoor play area
  • Storage area to new fire exit

The Event Management students held four successful fundraising events to support this year’s project, and many ancillary initiatives. All together, we were all able to raise over $31, 000 for the project. We surpassed our initial goal of 12,500 and with these additional funds, the Many Hands Project was able to further support Strive Niagara by purchasing a variety of items from the organization’s wishlist, and additional items to improve the lives of the staff and students. These include: a water cooler for the students, a microwave, educational items (such as day timers and calculators), and gift baskets for all of the mothers at Strive Niagara. With the funds that we raised, it is extremely rewarding to see our Renovation Technicians provide this wonderful organization with a more inviting and accessible space.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors who contributed to this year’s Many Hands Project, we achieved our goals (and more) with your support. Special thank you to Canadian Tire Bank for a successful 18 years and for the continuous support with the Many Hands Project, as their lead sponsor. This project gives a team of committed individuals an opportunity to benefit local communities in great ways and your support allows us to do it; we are extremely grateful.


Stay tuned for more pictures!

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