League of Legends Tournament was a huge success

Thank you to all of our summoners and spectators for creating an exciting and nail biting day!

The League of Legends Tournament, on March 7th, was the first event held for the 2015 Many Hands Project! It was an incredible day overall and the competition certainly got heated. We had 18 teams battle it out to reach the finals, and at the exclusive after party, the final teams competed for the ultimate win. Thank you for the immense amount of support from all of the attendees and volunteers, it was definitely an event for the books! All of the proceeds are going towards our renovations at Strive Niagara and we are so excited, as we are getting close to our Reveal Day!

Check out some of the photos:

10390882_780379008712865_994749548993850087_n 10390904_779620688788697_1958529267200229911_n 10450751_780379032046196_357343613554791117_n  10952468_779655112118588_8094039272311788163_n 11025982_779600162124083_8066031275025532006_n   11034199_779600995457333_7766726335023421152_n 11038685_779766238774142_8412430233441692900_n 11054395_779916492092450_5822051867835216600_n 10930162_779916468759119_9085550332361038014_n 11057456_779814462102653_9204536676093319668_n

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