Many Hands Project Wraps Up Another Successful Year

The Many Hands Project wrapped up another successful year this past April 12th with a reveal day festival to celebrate the renovations performed on this year’s recipient, the Upper Deck Youth Centre. The festivities were a wonderful display of how the Renovation Technician and Event Management students collaboratively work together and what can be accomplished when all hands are on deck!

NC’s Event Management students held five successful fundraising events to support this year’s project. They raised a total of $37, 300 which far surpassed the original goal of $12, 500 goal. With the additional funds raised the students not only supported the renovations but also left a legacy behind for the youth centre through the purchase of two new computers, a printer, homework stations, a new television, a new stove, new couches and more.

Thank you to all the amazing sponsors who contributed to this year’s Many Hands Project, we couldn’t have done this without your support. Special thank you to Canadian Tire Financial Services for a successful 17 year’s and for continuing to be the Many Hand’s Project lead sponsor.


Many Hands chair April Tyrell having a little too much fun in the UHaul we rented for the weekend!



photo 10

Youth enjoying their newly renovated facilities!



Canadian Tire Financial Service’s Dave DiFelice putting his hand on deck on the sponsorship deck!

photo 9photo 11


Kids enjoying some fun carnival games and the beautiful weather!


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