Farewell for Now…

reveal day EM students

We’d like to say one more huge thank you to everyone involved with this year’s Many Hand’s Project. This year’s event was a huge success but it would not have been possible without the help of so many different people. A huge thank you to the 5 Event Management teams, Many Soups for Many Hands, Many Bands for Many Hands, Death by Trivia, RAH Fashion Event and Solving Niagara: Don’t FALLS Behind. Your hard work and dedication were invaluable to superseding all fiscal goals this year and to the legacy we were able to leave to the Upper Deck  Youth Centre.

Thank you to the Construction Technician faculty and students for all their hard work and dedication. Throughout the past several months they often worked additional hours both evenings and weekends to ensure that they stayed on schedule and the facilities were ready for the scheduled reveal day.

Last but certainly not least we would like to thank all the sponsors and donors that chose to get their hands on deck with this year’s Many Hands Project. Without our community sponsors none of this would be possible! Your support for Niagara College and it’s students and your dedication to making a difference within your community was inspiring. A special thank you to Canadian Tire Financial Services for the past 17 years and their continued support of the Many Hands Project.

The website will no longer be monitored after April 16th, however we ask that you visit us again in October of 2014 for updates on the Many Hands Project 2015. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

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