3 Weeks Out… Let’s Check Out What Construction has been up to…

Our construction students and faculty have been hard at work. During the last couple of weeks they have working on the following renovations:

  • All boarding and drywall are now complete
  • Taping/mudding and plaster is almost completely finished
  • Painting has now begun on all wainscoting
  • Grinding is still currently being completed on the basement floor
  • Kitchen cabinets are currently being installed

The Many Hands Project wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the Construction Studies students and faculty. Thank you, your hard work does not go without notice or without being appreciated!

March 7th… New cabinets are being installed and construction students are busy painting.

students painting march 72

march 7- pre cabinets

All hands on deck! Looking good guys! Special thanks to Sherwin Williams St. Catharines and Niagara Falls location, one of this year’s Many Hands Project sponsors.

march 16-students









March 16th:

Students and faculty have been working evenings and weekends. Their hard work and dedication really are an inspiration.

march 16-2

march 16-1









New cabinets. Special thanks to Can Save, one of this year’s generous sponsors!

Full room overview showcasing the new drywall.

march 16- full room overview

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