Upper Deck Youth Centre selected for 17th Annual Many Hands Project!

Upper Deck is a youth drop-in centre in Vineland, has been selected as the recipient of the 17th Annual Niagara College Many Hands Project.

Beginning in January, 2014, Upper Deck Youth Centre facilities will undergo a series of renovations performed mainly by students in Niagara College’s construction programs, and coordinated and supported by students in NC’s Event Management (Graduate Certificate) program.

“With the updates and changes to the facility through The Many Hands Project, there will be greater opportunities for the staff and volunteers to impact the lives of these young people” said Glen Sparks, Director of Upper Deck. “Through this project, the youth will know that there are people who value and believe in them and have dedicated their time and money to create a new, fresh environment for them. On behalf of the staff, parents and students in the Vineland community, I thank the Many Hands project for choosing Upper Deck to be the 17th recipient. We look forward to working together with Niagara College in the coming months.”

The Upper Deck Youth Centre provides a welcoming environment for young people, where they can receive assistance, interact with other young people, and be mentored by trained adults who help them reach their full potential.

The Many Hands Project is a hands-on component of Niagara College’s Event Management Graduate Certificate program. Students are required to plan, develop, co-ordinate and execute a renovation of a local community non-profit organization. Fundraising, volunteer management, technical operations, hospitality and public relations are the responsibility of individual committees comprised of students. Since 1998, the Many Hands Project has supported 16 not-for-profit organizations through renovation and landscaping projects, which enhance program and service delivery.

“Many Hands has become a very special project, because it combines hands-on instruction and experience for our students with important lessons in community service,” said Shelley Merlo, professor and program co-ordinator in the Event Management (Graduate Certificate) program. “Our students are very excited about the opportunity to work with the Upper Deck Youth Centre to improve its facilities and enhance the agency’s ability to serve young people in our community.”

The renovations to the Upper Deck Youth Centre facility will include floor replacement, concrete repair, washroom updates, painting, the installation of new kitchen cabinets and counters, and the construction of a storage shed.

Event Management students will also support the project by running a series of fundraising events, including a trivia night, soup festival, fashion show, concert and “Amazing-Race”-style competition. For details on these fundraisers and the Many Hands Project, check out http://www.niagaracollege.ca/manyhands

The agencies that benefit from the Many Hands Project are selected by the project committee, and must be not-for-profit, involved in the provision of a community-based service in the Niagara Region, and be willing to commit agency resources to the project.

Niagara College offers more than 100 diploma, bachelor degree and advanced level programs at campuses in Welland, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Niagara Falls; as well as more than 600 credit, vocational and general interest Continuing Education courses. Areas of specialization include food and wine sciences, advanced technology, media, applied health and community safety, supported by unique learning enterprises in food, wine, beer, horticulture and esthetics. For more information visit NiagaraCollege.ca.

For more information, contact:
Shelley Merlo
Coordinator, Event Management Program
905-641-2252, ext. 4233

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