Many Hands Project to Renovate Salvation Army Food Bank

The Salvation Army of Fort Erie has been chosen as the recipient of the 14th annual Niagara College Many Hands Project renovation. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2011 and reach completion in April 2011.

The Many Hands Project is a student-driven renovation program executed by students in the Event Management and Construction Studies programs at Niagara College. Each year, one local non-profit organization is chosen by the Many Hands Committee to receive their assistance. Together, the students plan and execute the entire process including; completing the desired renovations, involving the community through volunteer recruitment and raising awareness for the non-profit organization.

The Salvation Army is an organization that centers on improving the lives and welfare of the people within their community. Through numerous program such as local food banks, shelter services, addictions services and crisis support, the Salvation Army increases hope and dignity for all people. The Many Hands Project will focus on renovating the current kitchen and food storage areas of the site. Included in this will be the expansion of the food storage and preparations areas, installing new cabinetry and replacing old materials such as drywall and flooring. This will provide the Salvation Army with a usable space to continue serving their community more efficiently.

For project information, sponsorship enquires or volunteer opportunities, please call 905-641-2252 ext: 6404.


Meghan McCooey and Devon Surgeoner

Marketing and Media Relations Team

Many Hands Project 2011

905-641-2252 ext: 6404

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